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Excellence in Ecuador: Seminary Intensive Trains Growing Number of Leaders

Ecuador Seminary Intensive 2018

By Timothy and Angelita Downing

We tried something different, and…it was a success! Each year, the Church of God seminary in Ecuador offers a week long intensive to help train leaders in the Ecuadorian church. This year, we expanded the reach of the seminary by offering more class options, moving to a more spacious location, and including more Ecuadorian leadership. Last year, we had a total of twenty-five participants, with one international student. This year, we had seventy-six participants, with several international students! Continue reading

Ecuador Earthquake Relief Update: Thank You, Church of God!


Photo: The Tonsupa church worship under a temporary structure.

By Jon and Karen Lambert

On Saturday, April 16, 2016, a 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit us here in Ecuador. The quake lasted 49 seconds. The weeks that followed seem like a dream—a bad dream. The death toll for the first weeks steadily rose to 655, and then the government decided not to share the final totals, so the actual death toll may never be known. We know 17,638 people were treated for injuries, and 25,091 were housed in temporary shelters. Cities and towns at the epicenter are 70- to 90-percent destroyed. The United Nations estimates that 350,000 people in Ecuador will need some type of assistance due to damage or loss of income. It is a blessing that none of our church family were killed or seriously injured in the quake. The mental anguish we still see on faces in the devastation zone is heartbreaking. Parents who searched for children buried under debris and small children who didn’t understand why “Mami” and “Papi” never came home have accepted the sad truth that their loved ones are gone. Cities along the coast from Manta to Tonsupa were without water and electricity for over a month. Some rural areas are still without basic services. Three of our congregations and one house church are in the areas heavily affected by the 7.8 earthquake and the severe aftershocks that continue to this day—nearly three months later. Continue reading

Church of God Offers Disaster Relief to Earthquake-Ravaged Ecuador


Photo: Crevice opening in the Tonsupa church.

By Carl Stagner

Ecuador has been suffering since the 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit the country on April 16, leaving more than 25,000 people displaced and more than 17,000 injured. As of late April, the death toll has risen to more than 650, a figure that is expected to increase. An estimated 350,000 people have been affected by damage to homes, businesses, and churches—including Church of God structures. We thank God that none of our Church of God brothers and sisters were killed or seriously injured in the quake. Continue reading

Disaster Relief Update: Earthquakes in Myanmar, Japan, and Ecuador


Photo: Earthquake damage in Ecuador (photo posted by Jon Lambert).

The week of April 10 saw major earthquakes around the world, including three areas around where the Church of God has a presence: Myanmar, affecting much of the surrounding region, including Meghalaya, India, and Bangladesh; Kyushu, Japan’s southern island; and Ecuador.

Often, in the short term, there is little detailed information as news trickles in slowly, sometimes due to geographical isolation, and sometimes due to the destruction. You can contribute at any time to the Disaster Relief Fund at Church of God Ministries. Continue reading

Cotopaxi Awakens: Missionary Offers Update on Ecuador’s Active Volcano


By Carl Stagner

On August 14, the sleeping giant awakened. Spewing debris and sending plumes of smoke three miles into the sky, Cotopaxi became active once again. Ashes from the massive volcano have ignited seventeen wildfires, claiming the lives of three firefighters and injuring several more. Threatening a quarter of a million people in Ecuador, the eruption of Cotopaxi has warranted the government to bring the national alert level to Yellow, the lowest of concern. Jon and Karen Lambert have served as missionaries for the Church of God to Ecuador since 1997. Jon offers the latest on-the-ground perspective and insight. Continue reading

Never Prepared Enough: Baptisms in Ecuador

By Jon and Karen Lambert

Whenever we are with our indigenous congregations, there are always surprises. Sunday, May 31, was no different. We were supposed to meet the Pisimbilla congregation for a baptism. We were to meet at a gas station in the town of Cayambe at 9:30 AM. We left Quito early to ensure we had enough time. We arrived early and waited…and waited…and waited. Everyone finally arrived at 11 AM. Thus my OCD was beginning to surface! We next drove to a part of Cayambe known for warm volcanic springs. Cayambe can be very cool, and warm water seemed a good idea to me since I was doing the baptizing. As we drove to the springs, Pastor Carlos informed us that he had not been to these springs in thirty-five years. Continue reading

Christmas in Ecuador


Photo: Bougainvillea plant (stock)

By Jon and Karen Lambert

Karen and I hope you are enjoying this Christmas season. Christmas in Ecuador is a bit different from the celebrations in North America. Yes, there is gift giving, Christmas trees, and some lights strung in front of houses. But other parts of the celebrations are different. Continue reading

Earthquake Damage in Ecuador


Photo: Earthquake damage in the wall and window at a Church of God building in Ecuador.

A 5.1-magnitude earthquake struck Ecuador on August 12, not far from the capital of Quito, followed by numerous aftershocks. A second quake, 4.7-magnitude, followed on August 16, again followed by aftershocks. Buildings were destroyed and several lives have been lost in their wake. While initial reports indicate that all area Church of God individuals are safe, at least one church building near the epicenter sustained serious damage. It will take some time to assess the full extent of the damage and determine any need for assistance. Continue reading

Announcing Timothy and Angelita Downing: Missionaries to Ecuador


Photo: The Downing Family

NAME: Timothy and Angelita Downing

COUNTRY: Ecuador

ASSIGNMENT: Teaching in the Church of God seminary and assisting with Children of Promise and other programs meeting social needs

DATE OF APPOINTMENT: February 27, 2014

STATUS: Career Missionaries


TARGET LEAVE DATE: August 2015 Continue reading