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Bibles, a Strip Club, and Freedom Sunday


By Carl Stagner

The statistics are disturbing. The stories are gut-wrenching. We must resist the tendency to become numb to the pain around us the longer we deal with a painful subject. But since the Church of God began championing the fight against human trafficking, your investment has brought forth much fruit. Stories of transformation and deliverance have been compiled and continue to be posted to the CHOG TraffickLight website. They remind us why we’re staying in the fight. They propel us onward to Freedom Sunday 2015 with great expectations of what the Holy Spirit will accomplish as we work together. One such story, featuring Bibles and a strip club, centers on the vital ministry of OneHeart Dayton. Continue reading

You Plead My Cause: Helping Trafficking Victims Find Freedom


By Donna Cox

“You plead my cause, You right my wrongs, You break my chains, You overcome…”*

The lyrics of the song “How Can It Be,” made popular by Lauren Daigle, resonate with the ministry of OneHeart Dayton. Every week as we serve delicious homemade food in the dressing rooms of strip clubs, we meet women who are being trafficked or at high-risk of being trafficked. As their life stories unfold, we provide Christian counseling and connect them with appropriate services. As they put their fractured lives back together, they find the courage to dream. Continue reading

Student Crosses America on Bicycle to Fight Trafficking


Photo: Ian Kallay pausing for a picture along his incredible journey.

By Wright State University Athletic Media Relations

Wright State University [Dayton, Ohio] cross country runner Ian Kallay spent his summer vacation biking across America to raise funds and awareness of human trafficking.

First, tell us about yourself, like where you are from, what your major is, etc.

I am originally from Painesville, Ohio where I attended Riverside High School. Just after turning twenty years old, I received my undergraduate degree in marketing from Wright State’s Raj Soin College of Business. Currently, I am in the process of working towards my master’s in engineering innovation and entrepreneurship while working a graduate research assistantship at Wright State’s Research Institute. I am a member of Wright State’s cross country and track team, as well. Continue reading

OneHeart: Rescuing and Restoring Victims of Sex Trafficking


By Donna Cox

One night on an outreach, as we were serving plates of food, a young woman stopped eating, put her head down on the counter, and started weeping uncontrollably. I sat beside her as a gift of a praying presence until, between her sobs, she found her words. Brenda’s* story began to unfold.

Brenda had been evicted from her apartment. Her mother had taken the car she was living in, and both her mother and grandmother are addicted to drugs and prostitute themselves. She is providing for her two-year-old son, and she is pregnant. At twenty-one years old, Brenda found out she was pregnant a second time, shortly after the delivery of her first child. Her mother paid for her to have an abortion. Now pregnant a third time, Brenda was considering a second abortion at the insistence of the baby’s father. She had just shared that she was pregnant with him and “he said she was an inconvenience.” Continue reading