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Black History Month Marked by Movement-wide Reflection, Celebration

Black History Month musical celebration at New Covenant Church.

By Carl Stagner

If you’ve never worshiped at a church culturally and ethnically different than your own, you’re really missing out. The various expressions of worship among God’s people—within the Church of God movement and beyond—broaden our kingdom perspective, enhance our appreciation for the beautiful diversity in the body of Christ, and enrich our own spiritual journeys. This is especially the case during the month of February each year, when Church of God congregations from southern California to New England observe Black History Month. Continue reading

Pastors Partner to Plant Urban Church, Reach Diverse Demographic

Josh Wagner (left); Keith Spencer (right).

By Carl Stagner

Two are better than one, especially when it comes to church planting. Perhaps nowhere is this more abundantly clear than at United City Church in Indianapolis, Indiana, where Josh Wagner and Keith Spencer share the pastoral responsibility. Yes, one pastor is white and one is black, and this is intentional—they’ve set out to be a diverse congregation; leadership must reflect the congregation they want to be. But it’s not a forced partnership. A common mission binds the dynamic duo, and they don’t just love each other with the love of Christ—they like each other! By learning each other’s strengths, passions, and gifts, they’ve discovered how to maximize their unusual but effective leadership for the glory of God and the betterment of their city. Continue reading