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Children of Promise Introduces Webbs as New Directors-Elect

The Webbs

After an extensive and prayerful search, the board of directors of Children of Promise is pleased to announce the selection of Mike and Heather Webb as the next co-directors of Children of Promise, the child sponsorship ministry of the Church of God. As longtime Church of God missionaries to Africa and, most recently, regional coordinators for Global Strategy to Africa, the Webbs possess the heart, cross-cultural ministry experience, and gifts necessary to fill the vacancy left by Paul Maxfield when he retires on September 30. Continue reading

Ohio Begins Search for New Director of State Ministries


Dear Leaders in the Church of God,

Greetings from the state of Ohio and the Search Committee for the director of Ohio Ministries.

We want to inform you that the Search Committee for the new director of ministries for Ohio Ministries has begun meeting, prayerfully taking on the mission of replacing our current, retiring director of ministries, Dr. Randy Spence. Continue reading

CGM Welcomes Art Clawson as Director of Advancement


Photo: Suetta and Art Clawson

By Carl Stagner

Art Clawson is no stranger to the Church of God. His ministry has touched countless lives in Haiti, both as a missionary and later during the Church of God earthquake disaster response, reached into Africa through Global Missions, and spread across the campus of Warner University. Church of God Ministries (CGM) is honored to announce that Art Clawson has accepted the position of director of advancement. His broad experience, leadership skills, and love for the Lord and the Church of God make him an outstanding pick for a position vital to the ongoing ministry of the movement. Continue reading

Church of God Ministries Announces International Ministries Director


Photo: The Shular Family

Church of God Ministries (CGM) has named Ben Shular as the new director of international ministries.

“Our world is larger than it has even been, and yet smaller and more reachable at the same time,” Ben explains. “Our focus must not only be in making disciples of all nations, but disciples empowered to replicate themselves. We can’t emphasize just building church bodies in other countries, but empowering nationals to make churches in their own countries and of their own culture. Jim Lyon has a heart to serve the church at great personal sacrifice, and give it a vision to own. I feel led to be a part of what is going to happen in the movement today under Jim. International ministries will strive to be a valuable commodity for individual congregations and their members in outreach ministry.” Continue reading