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Prayerful Perspective on Hong Kong and China

Patrick, Jamie, and Marco reunite with the Hong Kong Church of God.

By Patrick Nachtigall

As most of you know, we started our missionary career in Hong Kong and China, where we lived and worked for just under ten years. Marco was born there, and we worked closely with the very young and fast-growing Hong Kong Church of God. It was a magical time filled with tremendous memories, wonderful friendships, and great ministry. We loved Hong Kong and our friends there and have missed it greatly. As a family, we made a commitment that we would return to Hong Kong before Marco graduates from high school. So, in December, we packed our bags and returned to see our old friends and our old home. Continue reading

CHOG Contact Addresses Hong Kong Protests


Photo: Hong Kong skyline at night. (stock image)

By Carl Stagner

Protesters lining the central corridor of Hong Kong know full well that the world is watching. Media outlets across the United States and around the world are covering the activists both from a distance and on the ground. Thousands of people supporting the Occupy Movement have rallied themselves around democracy and universal suffrage. Whether or not believers in Hong Kong want to get wrapped up in the matter, they also feel the impact of the hot-button issues of the day. Our Church of God contact on the ground offers unique insights from a kingdom perspective. Continue reading