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New Video feat. Jim Lyon Urges Pastors, Delegates to Attend General Assembly

More than three decades passed before the new movement known as the Church of God established the General Assembly. The engine of the movement then was the Gospel Trumpet Company. As the movement grew, competing agendas and dysfunctional operations became too much for even the catalytic Gospel Trumpet to handle. In 1917, it had become apparent to Church of God pastors that some recalibration of the movement was needed to keep it going and simultaneously breathe new life into its sails. Since 1917, the General Assembly has been the voice for the movement—not Church of God Ministries, not the various agencies and schools, not the general director. The voice of the General Assembly is the strongest, however, when its shepherds and lay delegates participate. In a new video released by Church of God Ministries, Jim Lyon, general director, urges pastors and lay delegates to make this historic year—one hundred since the GA’s inception—a priority.

View or download the video on Vimeo at https://vimeo.com/209904704.

Global Gathering Revitalizes Heart, Refreshes Mission of the Church of God


By Carl Stagner

From the opening to close, the Global Gathering of the Church of God was a tremendous experience of unity and inspiration. Brothers and sisters in Christ from Argentina to Singapore, from Guyana to Thailand, and from France to Zambia, stood together for the cause of Christ to worship, fellowship, and practically address the most pressing needs of a changing world. Representing more than sixty countries and territories in which the Church of God has a presence, these named delegates, as well as thousands of additional guests from here and abroad, assembled in one place to express a common Lord, life, and love. Continue reading

Global Gathering: Operation Airlift!


By Carl Stagner

“Going once, going twice, SOLD!” The auctioneer’s chants rang out through the gymnasium at Huber Heights Church of God as Operation Airlift was finally underway. The excitement and anticipation had mounted to this climactic moment when the tantalizing spread of cakes, pies, and pastries would be sold to the highest bidder. Operation Airlift was not a fundraiser for a daring rescue attempt or an emergency trip to the ER, but rather it was a project designed to raise support for an international delegate to secure a flight to the Global Gathering. Continue reading

Global Gathering 2013 Delegates Announced

Logo: Global Gathering 2013

The Church of God will host fifty-five official delegates as part of the Global Gathering event in Anderson, Indiana, June 22–25, 2013. The Global Gathering, with the theme of “Standing Together,” will open with a Global Forum to discuss pressing global issues facing our movement, including strengthening global connectedness, ensuring doctrinal unity, and addressing world hunger. Continue reading