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Massey Legacy Lives On through Newly Published Book

By Carl Stagner

On Sunday, June 24, Dr. James Earl Massey’s life on this earth came to an end. But his incredible legacy has only just begun to affect the lives of students, pastors, and parishioners. One of the many ways his legacy lives on is through his latest book, Views from the Mountain. Published within days of his passing, the compilation of select writings from the brilliant mind of Massey was co-edited by Barry Callen and Curtiss DeYoung. As the back cover of the book states, “Rarely does one voice speak with equal wisdom on fields as diverse and demanding as Bible interpretation, Christian education, inspired preaching, seminary education, and ministries of reconciliation.” Indeed, Dr. Massey did all that and so much more, for the Church of God movement and beyond. Now the Church of God—no, all of Christendom—has the opportunity to glean wisdom from the pages of what Dr. Massey called the “last great goal” of his life. Continue reading

Global Forum of the Church of God Sets Future Priorities


By Barry L. Callen

Leaders of the Church of God have gathered, grappled with big issues, and spoken with one voice about the future. It happened on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (June 20–22, 2013) leading up to the Global Gathering. Sixty-three countries were represented by delegates, with 170 observers gathered at this Global Forum. Participants prayed, learned, and planned together. They invested hours in a prayer summit, moving upward to God, inward for transformation, and outward toward ministry vision. The Forum’s focus was biblical reconciliation, a theme developed in part with the wisdom of Dr. Curtiss DeYoung. Continue reading

Biblical Reconciliation: A Topic for the Global Forum 2013


By Curtiss Paul DeYoung

The Church of God anchors its theology on the twofold emphasis of holiness and unity. Holiness is understood in relational terms, that is, the ability to love more perfectly, which if practiced in daily life leads to unity. Reconciliation is the process that moves us from holiness to unity. The apostle Paul reserved this word reconciliation as his most powerful way of expressing the meaning of the life, death, resurrection, and abiding presence of Jesus Christ. The process of reconciliation begins when we accept God’s invitation to make things right. Sin caused our relationship with God to become fractured. The death of Jesus was understood as the action that forgave sin and repaired our relationship with God. Reconciliation comes to us from God as a divine gift. The effect is that “everything old has passed away; see, everything has become new!” (2 Cor 5:17 NRSV). We are redeemed and forgiven. Continue reading