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Retired Police Chaplain Looks into Rearview Mirror, Sees Ripe Mission Field Ahead

By Carl Stagner

John Crose is the son of influential Church of God missions figures, Lester and Ruthe Crose. With a name like Crose, you might assume he’d follow in his family’s footsteps abroad. God did call John to the mission field, but of a different kind. For twenty-one years, John Crose took the hope and healing of the gospel into all the world of police chaplaincy. His new book, The Exciting World of a Police Chaplain, chronicles firsthand accounts of ride-alongs with law enforcement, difficult death notifications, pastoral counseling, and sharing the gospel with unbelieving officers, family members, and persons affected by police-related matters. Though retired today, his experiences of the past predict an ever-increasing need for police chaplains. Continue reading

Behind-the-Scenes Missions: MKs, Third-Culture Kids, and Chameleons


By Carl Stagner

The limelight rarely falls on them. Pastors and churches know their parents, who were called to the mission field. But did they feel called, too? Those born away from home or brought to the field at a young age have no idea what they’re getting into. Whether they like it or not, they’re along for the ride—often the ride of a lifetime. Some may feel forgotten or ignored in the name of mission and ministry. But they are not forgotten. They have value and they are loved. Former missionary kid (MK), Nate Edwards is a mental health counselor for Rift Valley Academy in Kenya, one of the largest boarding schools of missionary kids in the world. Also considered a third-culture kid, Nate knows both the joys and challenges of having a foot in two, three, or more cultures. Three-and-a-half years into his appointment by Global Strategy, he’s offering a glimpse into the life of the third-culture kid and his unique ministry. Continue reading

Texas Church Cares Where it Counts


By Jonelle Frazier

Whether we want to admit it or not, many community churches have a reputation for being out-of-touch, stale, and just barely scraping by on their ministry quota. Pastor Demetrius Moffett is all about changing that stereotype, as he helps lead his church in a widespread local outreach.

First Church of God in Orange, Texas, has dug deep into the roots of its community, finding many areas where ministry is needed. Among its various outreaches, the church has begun giving free GED courses, substance abuse counseling, and classes for parenting and certified nursing assistance qualification. Continue reading