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A Good Problem to Have: Richland, WA Church Outgrows Current Facility

Construction in the lobby.

By Carl Stagner

In May 2013, we shared the story of a Church of God congregation in Richland, Washington, that tripled its attendance in just four years. The church understood then, as it does now, that God gives growth to his church, but there are a number of things local fellowships can do to attract the interest of the community, while supporting numbers with intentional discipleship and follow-up. For some, the question nearly five years ago might have been, Could such growth—both numerical and spiritual—be sustained? Apparently so. We’ve followed up with Columbia Community Church—locally known as C3—and have discovered they recently encountered a big problem. Their current facility—particularly their lobby and restrooms—are too small for their weekend crowds. Continue reading

Church’s Attendance Triples, Spiritual Growth Beyond Measure


By Carl Stagner

The apostle Paul identifies his role in church growth in 1 Corinthians 3:6—“I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the growth” (NRSV). Since God causes the church to grow, how then can we do our best at planting and watering? Columbia Community Church in Richland, Washington has tripled in attendance in the past four years. In a recent interview with Church of God Ministries, Pastor Mark Barker offered some insights into the practical steps the church took that ultimately led to God’s orchestrating extraordinary growth. Continue reading