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CBH Co-host/AU Professor Offers “Preacher Girls” New Resource

By Carl Stagner

Women in ministry face different challenges than their male peers. Of course, there’s the challenge of equal opportunity in congregations—even in the Church of God. But, another challenge tests the tenacity of women divinely called by God and, at the same time, demonstrates their uniquely gifted abilities to balance multiple assignments. How do these women in ministry, many of whom were called after their college years, find time to hone their craft amid jobs, community involvements, and parenting, for example? Thankfully, a trusted voice in the Church of God now offers a solution: Preacher Girl School. CBH ViewPoint co-host and Anderson University professor Kimberly Majeski convenes the online experience, led by women in ministry, for women in ministry, all to help take their preaching to the next level. Continue reading

Bolivia: A New Joel

Sunday school in Bolivia.

By Paul and Kattia Jones

Once upon a time, in a small Church of God in Bolivia, South America, there was a four-year-old boy named Joel. He was restless. He participated in very little during Sunday school, and he did not pay much attention to his teacher Irene, either. In addition, he showed his fist to any child who kept looking at him. This type of behavior drew the attention of missionary Kattia Jones, who decided to speak with the teacher. The conversation led to another topic that the missionary suspected was the main reason why Joel behaved that way. Continue reading

May the Bridges I Study Today Light the Way for a Better Tomorrow!

By Audrey Kletscher Helbling

Bridges span, connect, link, in the literal sense over water, roadways and more. We can all visualize those physical bridges. But bridges are so much more. They also connect people, link past to present, tie words and actions… Continue reading

Warner University Reintroduces Greek, Enhances Study of God’s Word

A student studies Greek.

By Tim Dwyer

After a hiatus of several years, Warner University ministry students are tackling Greek once again, preparing themselves to study the New Testament in its original language in depth and in detail. The fall semester began with a bad case of “Greekophobia” for our ministry students—a fear of that ancient language, of how hard it would be, and what it would do to their grades. After eleven weeks, that fear has passed away! Continue reading

MACU President John Fozard Invites You to Revolutionize Your Understanding of God’s Word—Online!

Logo: Mid-America Christian University

Without a doubt, the Bethel Bible Series provides one of the most comprehensive overviews of the God’s Word for pastors, Sunday school teachers, and laypersons. More than a million church members—and forty-seven Christian denominations—have participated in this life-changing course since it was launched fifty years ago.

An Exciting New Development

Now, Mid-America Christian University (MACU) president John Fozard is delighted to announce that the university is partnering with the Bethel Bible ministry to bring the renowned Bethel Bible course online—and you are invited to be part of the beta testing class! A veteran instructor of the Bethel Bible Series, Dr. Fozard will personally teach the online course and help revolutionize your knowledge and understanding of God’s Word. As a member of the beta class, your feedback and insights will be invaluable to shaping the future of this dynamic course! Continue reading