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At the Crossroads: Indiana Churches Initiate Plan to Multiply

The crowded entryway of County Line’s new campus church.

By Carl Stagner

Nate Tatman had no idea how pivotal that moment would be. He’d been in the office of Indiana Ministries when something caught his attention. The map of the state on the wall wasn’t anything new; he remembered seeing it before. But what he hadn’t noticed was the distribution of push pins on the map, which indicated counties that did not have a Church of God congregation. In particular, he noticed this time that there were thirty-seven counties in total with no Church of God congregation. And that’s when things began to get interesting. Continue reading

More Than a Building: Arizona Church Celebrates Expansion


Groundbreaking! All photos courtesy Green Light Photography.

By Carl Stagner

Lost in the middle of the desert, you’d be hard-pressed to find water. But at the edge of the Sonoran Desert in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona, you’ll find an oasis of hope where the Living Water is in full supply. For years, desert-dwellers have made their way to this oasis, quenching their spiritual thirst on the unconditional love Jesus, and telling others where they can find water. The road to a healthy, growing church has been dusty at times, but God has blessed every mile. Now McDowell Mountain Community Church faces a new kind of problem—a good kind of problem. They need more space! Continue reading

Multiplicación: Hispanic Council’s Church Planting Explosion


By Carl Stagner

They’ve overseen the planting of more than one hundred new Spanish-language churches across the United States. In the past few months alone, they’ve planted eight new churches. Twenty years ago, the impact of the Hispanic Council of the Church of God (Concilio Hispano) only touched five states. But now, because of intentional church planting efforts, the Concilio gives God the glory for locations in thirty-eight states. Several factors have contributed to the success of the Concilio’s successful church multiplication efforts. A brief look at a few of these fruit-bearing plants offer some important insights. Continue reading

Keys to Establishing a Multigenerational Congregation: Part One


By Sean G.L. Johnson

Josiah Avery watched the steam rise from his cup of coffee as he watched the symphony of city life in full swing from a window booth at Cavanaugh’s Café on Sutter Avenue. The pressures of leading a growing, one hundred-member congregation were much different than shepherding a flock of twenty. Five years ago, in this very booth, over a similar cup of coffee, Josiah had prayed for South Haven Church to grow. The new problem seemed more complex. How do you create opportunities for fellowship and growth while preserving the intimate relationships currently found at South Haven Church? What steps did he need to take? Pastor Josiah took a sip of steaming coffee and pressed the e-mail icon on his iPad. Up popped a blog post from Sean G.L. Johnson, associate pastor of Soul-Winning Church of God, with the subject line “Four Keys To Establishing Soul-Winning Church of God as a Multigenerational Congregation: Part One.” Continue reading