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My Thoughts on CHOG Convention 2015


By Jim Lyon

“What was your favorite part of the Convention?” I asked the young guy in the weight room at the YMCA in Anderson yesterday. I had seen him in Oklahoma City last week and wondered what he made of it. Without hesitation, he said, “Sheila Walsh.” “How so?” “Her testimony, her delivery, her message reached me. Deep. So powerful.” I agreed that Sheila’s teaching was anointed. Continue reading

General Assembly 2015: Church of God Speaks Life, Hope into Future


By Carl Stagner

Conducting the business of the church doesn’t have to be business as usual. In fact, this year’s General Assembly looked and sounded much like a worship service had broken out in the Venue at Crossings Community Church. Worship was expected during the times set aside for morning devotions led by Bart Riggins, Leslie Barnes, and Carron Odokara. But at this year’s General Assembly, the variety of business presentations were especially poignant, moving, and inspirational. Dialogue was gracious, the optimistic atmosphere was contagious, and the resolutions that followed exemplified the move of the Holy Spirit to unite the Church of God in 2015 and into the future. Continue reading

Countercultural Conclusion to Convention 2015


By Carl Stagner

In the earliest days of the Church of God, there was little segregation. In the earliest days of the Church of God, a woman in the pulpit wasn’t such a rare sight. In the earliest days of the Church of God, faith in the supernatural power of God was ubiquitous. In the earliest days of the Church of God, the urgency of the gospel drove men and women to forsake all for the advancement of the kingdom. At some point along the way, we began to look more and more like the culture. The Holy Spirit’s communication through a diverse lineup of speakers at Church of God Convention 2015 reminded us that we were, from the beginning, a countercultural people. Convention Thursday was a day of recommitment to racial equality, loving the least of these, moving from consumerism to compassion, and embracing justice, truth, mercy, and love. Continue reading

CHOG Convention 2015 Opening Day: Prayer, Praises, Power!


By Carl Stagner

“Never felt such unity in the Church of God as I felt tonight in the opening session. Wow. Powerful.”

“Inspired. Motivated. Encouraged. Relieved. Thank you Pastor Jim Lyon…”

“Incredibly awesome start to the 2015 CHOG Convention! Looking forward to what the rest of this week will bring!”

These are just a few of the overwhelmingly positive responses to the powerful opening day of Church of God Convention 2015. From the pre-convention prayer meeting, to the Town Hall session and afternoon conferences, to the kickoff worship experience in the sanctuary, CHOG Convention 2015 opened in a way that few could forget. More than two thousand online live feeds were connected to view the opening service (many individual feeds were shared by congregations of viewers!), and a near-capacity crowd was present at Crossings Community Church in Oklahoma City to worship with Selah and hear God’s Word as only Timothy Clarke can preach it. Continue reading

Church of God Convention 2015 Begins Today!


By Carl Stagner

It’s finally here. Church of God Convention 2015: Be Bold. Reclaim. officially kicks off this evening at Crossings Community Church in Oklahoma City. From Washington State to Florida, Church of God pastors and laypeople have gathered to worship the Lord and rally together for the cause of Christ. Award-winning contemporary Christian artists Selah will lead the saints in times of inspirational worship until longtime Church of God speaker Timothy Clarke takes the stage to deliver the Word with power and clarity. But before the kickoff session, which will be broadcast live over the Internet at www.jesusisthesubject.org/convention-live-streaming at 7:00 PM CDT, a variety of pre-convention workshops and events are expected to draw the early-arrivals. Continue reading

Join Us. Be Bold. Reclaim What Hell Has Stolen.


By Jim Lyon

The world is a mess. We live in an age in which fixed anchors are being discarded, hopelessness paralyzes whole communities, and darkness is furiously working to edge out the Light. Surf broadcast news, read a newspaper, listen to the heart-cry of passersby all around us—sometimes even in our own families, churches, and schools—and the sobering challenge is everywhere set before us.

It is hell’s business, this stealing of life, this devolution of the soul, this reduction of hope, and slaying of dreams for something better. The enemy of our souls has, from Eden’s day, sought, by half-truth and mischief, to separate us from our Maker, the Author of life.

Of course, much good is nevertheless being done; the kingdom still expands, Jesus still is Lord. There is much to celebrate, but there is also much to do. Continue reading

Seats Filling Up Fast for CHOG Convention Workshops


By Carl Stagner

Children’s ministry. Youth ministry. Global strategy. Worship leadership. Community impact. Be Bold Academy. Healthy Growing Churches. These are the topics of free workshops and conferences available to those who have registered for Church of God Convention 2015. But if you wish to attend one of these conferences, you do need to sign up. Continue reading

Change the World: Grant Awardees Revealed at CHOG Convention 2015


By Carl Stagner

Sixty applicants from across the Church of God submitted applications for Change the World, a grant-making initiative announced at last year’s Church of God Convention. In an effort to bring innovative and transformative ministries to fruition, Change the World was designed to give ministry leaders the financial foundation to get off the ground. The question was posed, If there were one thing you could do to change the world, what would it be? Of sixty applicants, six were selected to receive grants. So, who are these grant awardees? Continue reading

CHOG Convention 2015 to Feature Selah, Anita Renfroe

Selah-Press-Photo-11-6 13_FORWEB

Photo: Selah

By Carl Stagner

It just keeps getting better. Church of God Ministries has just announced that CHOG Convention 2015 (June 22–25) in Oklahoma City will feature Dove Award–winning vocalists Selah and Christian comedy sensation Anita Renfroe. Contemporary Christian recording artists Shane and Shane, as well as the Crossings Venue Band, will also lead worship experiences. More featured speakers have also been announced, including Gillian Grannum and Steve Southards. In addition to Francis Chan and Steve Rennick, the Church of God now has six new reasons to make CHOG Convention 2015 next summer’s priority. Now that tickets are on sale, you can make arrangements today. Continue reading