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Chicago-Area Church Plant Gains Momentum

By Charlie Arms

In 2014, after consultation with Indiana Ministries, our family moved from sunny Florida and took on the responsibility of planting a church in northwest Indiana. Locals refer to this area of Indiana as “the Region,” primarily because we are part of Indiana, yet in many ways more closely connected through business and lifestyle with Chicago. Continue reading

The Power of the Cross to Take Back a City


Photo: Crosses displayed with victims’ pictures inside the church.

By Carl Stagner

Approximately eight hundred murders rocked Chicago in the last year alone. Gang violence is on the rise in many large cities across the country, and Chicago is no exception. While many would rather retreat to the suburbs and write off urban centers as a loss, there is a growing movement of people that won’t give up on the youth, the children, and the families of densely populated areas. The grim statistics might suggest the forces of evil have completely taken over cities like Chicago. But soldiers of the cross like Greg Zanis are fighting side-by-side with congregations like Restoration Church of nearby Aurora, Illinois, to take back their cities. Recently, this reclamation effort took the form of one cross built for each of the eight hundred victims. Continue reading

Church of God Plant Sees Momentum in Chicagoland


Photo: Momentum Church worshiping at the YMCA.

By Carl Stagner

The response to the new Church of God parachute plant in northwest Indiana has been overwhelmingly positive. Pastor Charlie Arms and family moved to the Chicago suburb of Crown Point to start a church that would effectively communicate Jesus to a fast-paced, busy urban culture. In November, Momentum Church launched at the local YMCA and is already gearing up for a baptism service in January. Charlie and his wife Rebecca are thrilled for the opportunity God has given them in Crown Point. Starting a church from the ground up was the farthest thing from their minds, however, for these two whose previous church experience once turned them away from the faith. Continue reading

Harvesting Hope in Chicago: Mother Carr’s Organic Farm


Photo: Working at Mother Carr’s Farm brings joy to all.

By Carl Stagner

There’s an ongoing harvest of hope taking place in Chicago today. Vernon Park Church of God carries on the legacy of one woman whose impact on the city during World War II can still be felt today. Mother Carr would be overjoyed by the unique ministry of Vernon Park that seeks to grow faith and community—one vegetable at a time. The community garden, which bears the hometown legend’s name, certainly needs no Miracle-Gro. Yet God, whose love is demonstrated by willing hands of those who till the soil, delights in working everyday miracles through Mother Carr’s Organic Farm. Continue reading

NACOG Unites for 2013 Joint Conference


By Mary Baker-Boudissa

What better way to celebrate a year of worship and service, challenge and change, than coming together as brothers and sisters in Christ for a celebration of our commitment to one another! The 2013 Joint Conference of the National Association of the Church of God, held December 27–30, 2013, was the third such event, bringing together the National Men’s Ministry (NMM), the National Association Women of the Church of God (NAWCG), the National Inspirational Youth Convention (NIYC), King’s Kidz Convention, and the National Association Seniors of the Church of God. The theme, “Holiness and Humility,” was the culmination of NACOG’s yearlong focus on “Advancing the Kingdom through Holiness and Humility.” From conferences to worship services, the Joint Conference focused wholly on equipping and encouraging attendees to experience the fullness of life in Christ. Continue reading