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Bolivia: A New Joel

Sunday school in Bolivia.

By Paul and Kattia Jones

Once upon a time, in a small Church of God in Bolivia, South America, there was a four-year-old boy named Joel. He was restless. He participated in very little during Sunday school, and he did not pay much attention to his teacher Irene, either. In addition, he showed his fist to any child who kept looking at him. This type of behavior drew the attention of missionary Kattia Jones, who decided to speak with the teacher. The conversation led to another topic that the missionary suspected was the main reason why Joel behaved that way. Continue reading

Marriage Matters and Miracles in Bolivia

Chris and Trini

By Paul Jones

We met Chris and Trini about five years ago. The Lord had impressed upon us the desperate need to start working in the area of marriage and family. We were looking for ten couples that could be trained to serve in this important ministry. Kattia had taught the ladies’ group at one of our local congregations when she saw a young lady, Trini, that caught her attention. After talking with her, Kattia invited her and her husband to form part of our marriage courses. Trini explained that her husband Chris was no longer attending church, but they were included anyway. This couple showed up to the first seminar. When we had a meet-and-greet time, Chris could hardly speak; we found out he was very introverted and speaking in front of even a small group made him panic. But God’s ways are always right, and his plans are perfect! Continue reading

Leader of Latin American Churches Recuperating from Traffic Accident


Photo: Victor and Estela Quispe at their home in La Paz.

By David Miller

Victor H. Quispe, president of the Inter-American Confraternity of the Church of God, is recuperating at the hospital in Bolivia after suffering a traffic accident in the wee hours of Saturday, December 17. Quispe was traveling in an inter-urban taxi from La Paz to the city of Oruro to participate in weekend evangelistic campaigns when the accident occurred. Continue reading

Honoring Elvira Firestone, CHOG Pioneer Missionary to Bolivia


Photo: Elvira Firestone

Elvira Englund Firestone, pioneer missionary to Bolivia, passed from earth on September 20, 2014, in her home in Santa Cruz, Bolivia at the age of 95.

Born and raised in the U.S. state of Missouri, Elvira arrived in Bolivia in 1946 with her husband Homer Firestone, who had survived a nearly fatal attack of appendicitis during the voyage by sea. The Firestones went on to plant the Church of God Holiness in Bolivia, an indigenous “people movement” that would eventually outgrow its mother church in the United States. Continue reading

Developing Healthy Churches through Healthy Families


By Paul and Kattia Jones

This year we have felt strongly the Lord would have us to focus on marriage and family. It was once said, “As the family goes, so goes the nation.” We believe this to also be true in respect to the church. In order to have healthy churches, we feel we must seek to develop healthy families. Therefore, we plan on using a three-pronged approach to better meet the needs of the Bolivian church in regard to marriage and family. Continue reading