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Japan Congregation Embraces Opportunities to Give Life

Children enjoying a meal provided by the church.

By Bernie and Akiko Barton

April is a time of new beginnings in Japan, with a new school year and the start of a new fiscal year. At Futsukaichi Eiko Christ Church, a new community outreach ministry began this April—Flowers of the Field Meal Service. With more families needing dual incomes these days, kids often don’t have family meal times. Throughout Japan there is a push for meal services to help provide kids with stable, nutritional meals. Our church has started the only meal service in our immediate community. We provide a low-cost, nutritious meal, two Friday evenings a month. The response has been surprising, with almost twenty coming each time so far. Please pray for our pastor’s wife, Kazuko Numa, as she leads this ministry and for church volunteer staff as we relate to our neighbors who join us for supper. Continue reading

The Church Is Here!


By Bernie Barton
(Missionary to Japan, Pastor of Tamagawa Church of God)

“The church is here! The church is here!”

As Toko-san made her way through the rows of container-like, metal-sided, two-room dwellings, she called out the words that had become good news to these villagers displaced by the power of nature’s wrath.

On March 11, 2011, an earthquake that registered beyond the capability of the seismic scale occurred off the coast of northeastern Japan. Continue reading