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Motorcycle Ministry and the Church of God

Bikers gearing up for a ride at Owingsville First Church.

By Carl Stagner

The Church of God movement is known for making Jesus the subject—looking past ethnic and cultural differences for the Lord’s sake. Recognizing that the call to ministry doesn’t distinguish between male and female, and reaching our hands in fellowship to every blood-washed one—regardless of color of skin, or name over the church doors, for example—the Church of God has placed a premium on unity, holiness, and the mission of reaching anyone and everyone with the gospel. It should be no surprise then, that over recent decades Church of God congregations across the country have developed motorcycle ministries that really make a difference. Often stereotyped and frequently feared by a four-wheeled society, the distinct culture and community of bikers has proved a field ready for harvest in the Church of God. Continue reading

Driven to Serve: Michigan Church Blesses Needy with Cars

By Carl Stagner

No commuter looks forward to dodging potholes on the way to work in the morning. As the snow and ice melts across much of the country, streets and highways—thought to be paved—become rough, rutted, and downright bumpy. Along life’s journey, potholes of another kind challenge even the hardiest adventurer. The challenges are especially difficult for those who don’t have adequate transportation. In many locations, hard-working individuals may be unable to reach the factory or office without a properly functioning vehicle. But in Benton Harbor-St. Joseph region of Michigan, the road ahead lay smoother than ever since First Church of God launched its Cars Ministry. Continue reading