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CHOG Convention 2014: A New Day for the Church of God


Photo: Jim Lyon prays over the CHOG TraffickLight team at CHOG Convention 2014 in Oklahoma City.

By Carl Stagner

In Isaiah 43:19, the Lord’s message is heard loud and clear: “See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?” (NLT). What was true for Judah and Jerusalem still rings true for the Church of God today. The same Creator who brought new life to the Israelites generations ago is still making all things new. Church of God Convention 2014 signaled the onset of a new day, and the creation of new life, for the 134-year-old movement. Continue reading

David Sebastian to Be Honored During CHOG Convention 2014


Photo: David Sebastian

Guests of the Church of God Convention 2014 (June 23–26) in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, will honor the ministry of a pillar of faith in the movement. Plan to attend a reception for Dr. David Sebastian, retiring dean of Anderson University School of Theology and longtime Church of God pastor. Continue reading

Young Lead Pastors to Connect at CHOG Convention 2014


By Carl Stagner

Similar experiences, common challenges, and the same drive to change the world for Jesus’ sake. There are more than 150 senior/lead pastors in the Church of God between the ages of twenty-five and forty. The possibilities for networking, support, and learning from each other are endless. But until this year, there has not been an opportunity to connect. Senior/lead pastors between twenty-five and forty have received an invitation from Jim Lyon for an informal luncheon designed especially with them in mind. Continue reading

Heritage Sing-Along 2014 Promises Unity and Harmony

NAC 2011 Heritage Sing Joe Gregory_FORWEB

Photo: Joe Gregory leads the Heritage Sing-Along at NAC 2011.

By Carl Stagner

Nearly every Church of God Convention since the turn of the century has featured a Heritage Sing-Along. From its humble beginnings inside Anderson University’s Byrum Hall, to the golden years at Park Place Church of God, Reardon Auditorium, and Madison Park Church of God, the Heritage Sing-Along has remained a constant. As a special activity during the Church of God Convention 2014, the Heritage Sing-Along will take place at Crossings Community Church in Oklahoma City. Host Joe Gregory looks forward to another great opportunity to worship the Lord in unity—and four-part harmony. Continue reading

MACU Welcomes CHOG Convention to Oklahoma City

Register for the Church of God Convention 2014: Be Bold! (June 23–26 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) at http://www.chogconvention.org/default.


Warner Pacific Freshmen Boldly Speak Out on Sex Trafficking

By Arthur Kelly and WPC Staff

Bold is…raising your voice to protect women and children from sex trafficking.

A woman spreading a sleeping bag on the cold concrete of an often wet sidewalk. The gaunt face of child, living on the streets, hungry for just about any kind of attention—but eagerly searching for something to fill an empty stomach. The blank stare of a young man or woman, walking the Avenue of Roses, just blocks away from the Warner Pacific campus, hoping to earn enough money from the sad men who buy their bodies so they won’t be beaten another night when they haven’t met their quota. Portland, Oregon, is a beautiful city that is plagued by these three sad faces. Warner Pacific students are boldly offering the hope of Christ. Continue reading

Boldness in Every Season: The Story of Helen Nelson’s Eleventh-Hour Witness

By Becky McCoy

Bold is…leading others to Christ at age 95.

In September 2012, my mother was in the hospital in Indianapolis due to respiratory problems. On a Friday afternoon, her health started deteriorating, and we called in all the family members who were able, to come and see her. Mom also felt that God was getting ready to take her home. She told all of her children and grandchildren who were there just how much she loved them and how she was ready to go be with the Lord. She also asked me to call my brother, Rev. Steve Nelson, who was pastoring in Louisiana. She needed to tell him also how much she loved him and his family. Continue reading

Boldly Loving the Least of These: Church on the Street’s Practical Theology

By Andy Odle

Bold is…radically loving our most vulnerable neighbors.

What if what Jesus says is true? What if in Christ we really are all one? What if Jesus really tore down the dividing walls that separate people? What if the most despised, outcast, and least in the world really are the most honored in the church? What if all of life—companionship, family, work, government—is precipitated by God’s living commandment to love him and our neighbor? In other words, what if we risked believing in reconciliation? Continue reading

Shopping the Aisles of an Indiana Church

By Bryan Hughes

When the congregation of Pendleton Community Church of God arrived for worship, they had no idea that church would actually happen in the grocery store across the street.

“We work really hard to keep church simple,” Trey Oldham, senior pastor stated. “This particular Sunday we took a glimpse of the early church from Acts 2 where those in the church sell their property and possessions to take care of others in need.” Continue reading

Boldly Choosing to Build Life: Two Churches Merge in Illinois


By Carl Stagner

One church was a beacon of light in the heart of the city. Another church was an assembly of believers on the edge of town. One church was considered white collar, while the other was considered blue collar. One church was used to doing church a certain way; the other had slightly different tastes. Both churches longed for revival, and both churches served the same Lord. So when Jesus is the subject, culture and preferences fade to the background. When Jesus is the subject, two different churches can come together, build life together, and function together as a single body of Christ. Continue reading

CHOG Convention 2014 Comes to MACU Country

By MACU Staff

From June 23–26, 2014, the Church of God community in the Sooner State welcomes guests from far and near who will be attending the Church of God Convention. An integral part of that Church of God community in Oklahoma is Mid-America Christian University. How much do you know about the connection between MACU and the Church of God? Continue reading

Boldly Preaching Jesus at Age 100: Linvel Arington


By Steve Nelson

Retired Church of God pastor Linvel Arington turned one hundred years old on November 24, 2013. Instead of the typical birthday celebration, Linvel spent the morning preaching from the pulpit of Oaklawn Church of God in Hot Springs, Arkansas. What started out as a tongue-in-check joke about preaching his “next-to-last sermon” on his one hundredth birthday turned into a momentous reality. Continue reading

CHOG Convention 2014 Host Church: From Humble Beginnings to Global Impact


By Carl Stagner

For the first time in more than a century, the Church of God Convention and General Assembly will take place outside of Anderson, Indiana. For more than a hundred years, Church of God people from across the country and around the world grew quite familiar with the venues of the Anderson University campus, the Church of God Ministry center, Park Place Church of God, and the spread of dining options along the main drag. Church of God people from all over the world know the stories of the Gospel Trumpet Company, how a Bible training school grew into a university, and the impact of pillars of the faith, people such as Reardon and Oldham. But do you know the story of the church that will host the Church of God Convention this year? Continue reading