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False Perceptions of Church Crumble with New Ministry in Australia


By Carl Stagner

He was born in Czechoslovakia to Christian parents in a Communist society. She was born and raised in Australia under the influence of the Uniting Church (Methodist and Presbyterian), as well as the Assemblies of God. But after coming together in marriage, Viktor and Juli Szasz were drawn to the Church of God, and ultimately worked side-by-side with Tim and Cindy West to help plant a Church of God congregation in Australia. Several years later, they’re responding to God’s call to plant a church on Australia’s densely populated Gold Coast. To make Jesus known to their community, Viktor and Juli are preparing to launch a ministry designed to bust people’s postmodern perceptions of what church is. Continue reading

Partnership Down Under: CHOG Organizations Come Together for a Cause

By Bryan Hughes

Interdependence has always been part of the fiber of the Church of God. From the original concept of founder D.S. Warner, churches and ministries within the movement have enjoyed an autonomy not seen in other church organizations. Yet working together has been an equally vital part of the framework of the church. Continue reading

Prayers Answered for the Goldmans


Missionaries Dwayne and Kara Goldman received the fantastic news Thursday morning that their visas have been granted. They can now travel to Australia at any time. They will be serving with Journey Church in Pacific Pines. Their visas are approved through August 1, 2017. Continue reading