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Prayerful Perspective on Hong Kong and China

Patrick, Jamie, and Marco reunite with the Hong Kong Church of God.

By Patrick Nachtigall

As most of you know, we started our missionary career in Hong Kong and China, where we lived and worked for just under ten years. Marco was born there, and we worked closely with the very young and fast-growing Hong Kong Church of God. It was a magical time filled with tremendous memories, wonderful friendships, and great ministry. We loved Hong Kong and our friends there and have missed it greatly. As a family, we made a commitment that we would return to Hong Kong before Marco graduates from high school. So, in December, we packed our bags and returned to see our old friends and our old home. Continue reading

Disaster Relief Urgent Request

“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” —Isaiah 41:10 NIV

In light of what has been classified as truly extraordinary need, the Church of God Disaster Relief Committee is highlighting an urgent request. The current scope of devastation from natural disasters around the world is beyond our scale of imagining. The Disaster Relief Committee is working with national leaders and regional pastors in the affected regions to meet needs. Would you help? Donate now to Disaster Relief. Continue reading

CarolAnn North Announced as Special Assignment Missionary to Asia


Photo: CarolAnn North

Global Strategy has an opportunity to send a teacher to Asia to work with the children of asylum-seeking refugees from a south Asian country. The children have been without schooling for over two years and, in some cases, three years. A small school using ACE curriculum has been set up expressly for them. Global Strategy and Church of God Ministries are pleased to announce that CarolAnn North has accepted a ten-month appointment as a special assignment missionary working with children in southern Asia. CarolAnn brings unique skills to help the students with their educational needs. Continue reading

Earthquake Relief in Nepal


Clouds of dust rising into the air, mountains of rubble, people unable to take cover in their homes. These are not the images of Nepal that we are accustomed to seeing. And yet, these are the very conditions that are the aftermath of the weekend earthquake that has killed 3,400 people so far and caused widespread damage to scores of historic building throughout the Kathmandu valley in central Nepal. The Church of God has forty-one congregations in Nepal, ten scattered throughout valley near the epicenter. Children of Promise also has a child sponsorship program in Nepal. Continue reading

Nepal Earthquake: Prayers Needed


Our love and prayers go out to the people of Nepal. There are forty-one Church of God congregations in Nepal, the majority of them in the southeast. Ten or so are in the area where the earthquake hit. So far, the Global Missions regional coordinators for Asia and the Pacific have not yet been able to establish communication with leaders in the area.

We ask the Church of God to make this a matter of prayer today. Thank you!

CHOG Contact Addresses Hong Kong Protests


Photo: Hong Kong skyline at night. (stock image)

By Carl Stagner

Protesters lining the central corridor of Hong Kong know full well that the world is watching. Media outlets across the United States and around the world are covering the activists both from a distance and on the ground. Thousands of people supporting the Occupy Movement have rallied themselves around democracy and universal suffrage. Whether or not believers in Hong Kong want to get wrapped up in the matter, they also feel the impact of the hot-button issues of the day. Our Church of God contact on the ground offers unique insights from a kingdom perspective. Continue reading

Global Gathering Anticipation Builds in Asia

10.216-Design Proof 4-Global Gathering Update

By Don Armstrong

In most Asian countries, the number of Christians is very low. Across Asia, about 5 percent of the population is Christian. If South Korea and the Philippines were excluded from this number, the percentage would be closer to 2 or 3 percent. It’s no wonder that Asian leaders are excited about a conference that emphasizes the global scope and unity of the Church of God. They love the idea of being a part of something big! Continue reading