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Outstanding Leaders, New Activities Highlight Women’s Convention 2019

By Carl Stagner

Every two years, women of the Church of God gather together in a select city to reconnect, worship together, and grow together. Hosted by Christian Women Connection, the event has welcomed women and men from across the country and beyond to destinations like Dallas, Seattle, Nashville, and Daytona Beach. This year’s Church of God Women’s Convention will be held in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, October 10–13, and will feature some of the brightest and best women preachers, worship ministers, and conference leaders the Church of God has ever known. Combined with new service opportunities and new tracks for women in ministry and clergy wives, “Women Shaping the Future” is certain to be one of the most anticipated events of the year. Continue reading

Women-in-Ministry Support Expands as CWC Assumes Leadership of Qara

By Jim Lyon

From its inception, the Church of God movement has been an advocate for gender equity, seating and celebrating both women and men in all chairs of ministry and church leadership. This theology and practice are grounded in a deep vein of Scripture which elevates both men and women as the imago dei. At the dawn of the New Testament church, the apostle Peter quotes the prophet Joel, saying, “In those days I will pour out my Spirit even on my servants—men and women alike—and they will prophesy” (Acts 2:18 NLT). Continue reading

CWC Today: Standing in the Gap for All Women (and Men, Too!)

CWC’s Arnetta Bailey and Global Strategy’s Colleen Stevenson.

By Carl Stagner

Women were among the earliest pioneers of the Church of God movement, and some of our most outstanding preachers have been, and continue to be, women. In spite of such a rich history dating back to the beginning, not to mention the wealth of biblical support, women—both pastors and laypeople—have not always been given the same opportunities as men. But since 1932, women of the Church of God have rallied together to stand in the gap, not only providing necessary care to countless missionaries, but also being a voice for Christian women everywhere. Though the name of the affiliated agency of the Church of God is different now than it was then, Christian Women Connection’s timeless mission has remained the same, returning to its roots even more in recent years. Still, many men and women are unaware of the incredible depth of vital ministry made possible by CWC today. A recent interview with CWC executive director Arnetta McNeese Bailey takes us behind the manger scenes and beyond the sewing circles to discover there’s far more to CWC than you may know. Continue reading

Reclaim 2016 Philadelphia Wednesday: When God’s People Come Together


Photo: When God’s people come together…

By Carl Stagner

Incredible things happen when God’s people come together. The presence of God is powerful when God’s people come together. When God’s people come together, regardless of ethnicity or culture, differences diminish and Jesus Christ is magnified. Hope shines bright, the body of Christ is strong, and the kingdom advances when God’s people come together. In a world so strongly divided by race and politics, Jesus Christ was the clearly the unifying subject on Wednesday at the Regional Convention of the Church of God at New Covenant Church in Philadelphia. In a culture exemplified by competing aspirations and agendas, Church of God pastors and lay leaders came together Wednesday to embrace a common mission: to reclaim our neighborhoods in Jesus’ name. Continue reading

Speakers, Leaders Announced for 2016 Regional Conventions


By Carl Stagner

Convention plans continue to be finalized for what will be a year of historic firsts. The 2015 General Assembly vote to make the Church of God Convention an every-other-year experience also paved the way for smaller-scale regional conventions during the even-numbered years. Church of God people will gather in three different locations this year, including Vancouver, Washington (April 26–28); Anderson, Indiana (June 21–23); and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (September 27–29). We’re excited to announce that the leadership for this year’s regional conventions has been named. Continue reading

Women’s Luncheon to Feed Body and Soul at CHOG Convention 2015


Photo: Anita Renfroe

By Carl Stagner

Decades before the United States granted women the right to vote, outstanding Church of God women pastors preached the gospel from platforms and podiums across the country. Though the Church of God hasn’t always lived up to its foundational principles supporting women in ministry, many female ministers have courageously carried the mantle of gifts-based leadership into the present day. One organization which has persevered through the years, offering support, resources, and partnership opportunities to reach the world for Christ has been Christian Women Connection. Formerly known as Women of the Church of God, CWC brings together not only women clergy, but also missionaries, spouses of ministers, and laywomen. During Church of God Convention 2015, women from all backgrounds and places of origin will gather together for a special luncheon that will leave attendees encouraged, inspired, and rejuvenated for another year of service to the Lord. Continue reading

Fulfilling What God Has Ordained You to Do


By Arnetta Bailey

“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”—Ephesians 2:10  NIV

Purpose is not based upon what you are, but it is established upon who you are in God. Fulfilling our purpose is beyond our power; we must allow the Holy Spirit to reveal what our purpose is. Some are very fortunate that they recognized early in life what their purpose was. Then there are others, such as myself who didn’t find out until much later in life. My journey to my reason for being here was solely found in my relationship with God. Continue reading

Loving Fearlessly: Boldly Caring for Women in Crisis


Photo: Priscilla’s Lost and Found brings the hope of Jesus Christ to women who might otherwise have little or no hope (stock).

By Arnetta Bailey

It was the summer of 1997, while Arnetta Bailey and her family were still living and worshiping in Indianapolis, that a young man in her church came to her and said, “The Lord told me you would help my mother.”

Arnetta knew the woman (“Donna”). Donna was strung out on drugs, entangled in prostitution, and leaving her children home alone while she walked the streets. Because of the son’s insistence, Arnetta finally gave in. She went looking for Donna and found her. Arnetta made several contacts with Donna. When she prayerfully asked God for guidance, the Lord’s instructions were, “Speak my Word into her life.” So she began to say to Donna, “I see you saved. I see you living for God. I see you delivered from drugs and prostitution. I see you loving and caring for your children. I see you whole.” Continue reading

Spirit Power Preached and Experienced at Tuesday Afternoon Worship


By Carl Stagner

If you were present at the afternoon worship experience on Tuesday, you know the
presence of God was incredibly potent. From the opening songs that petitioned
the Lord for revival, to Luke Sorrell’s dramatic recitation of Jesus as revealed
from Genesis to Revelation, to the anointed preaching of Arnetta McNeeseBailey,
there was nothing ordinary about what took place.
Continue reading

Christian Women Connection Director to Speak at Global Gathering


By Mary Baker-Boudissa

What is the best part about the Global Gathering? It’s our time to come together and fellowship with our global family of believers! This June 22–25, 2013, will mark an event like no other in the life of the Church of God. Guests from eighty-nine countries will experience dynamic worship led by some of our movement’s most passionate voices. Continue reading