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Facebook Seminary: Pakistan Pastors-in-Training Plug In with AU Professor

Students in Pakistan gather around a laptop…

By Carl Stagner

God is on the move through the Church of God in Pakistan, and it’s a breathtaking sight to behold. On Saturday evenings, seminary students in the Middle Eastern country assemble to hear Sarah Blake LaRose teach hermeneutics and exegesis. But Sarah is not in the same room—not exactly, anyway. Ten time zones away, it’s Saturday morning in Anderson, Indiana, where the AU professor has logged on to Facebook Messenger. There she lectures on the topic of Scripture interpretation, fielding questions and interacting with her pastors-in-training in Pakistan. Continue reading

Join the Conversation at CHOG Convention 2015!


By Carl Stagner

We get it, pastors. The proliferation of social media and mobile devices has made it difficult to tell if your phone-wielding parishioners are on YouTube or You Version. Surely most of them are paying attention to your sermon and following along on their paperless version of the Bible! Church of God Convention 2015 is your opportunity to trade places and perspectives with the person-in-the-pew. All pastors need regular opportunities to soak in the scriptures as taught by others. So bring your dog-eared classic or your Bible app—but don’t limit yourself to Bible Gateway or Bible.is. Join the conversation on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram using the official convention hashtag—#BeBold2015. Continue reading

CBH Launches Optimized Website and New CBH App


By Logan E. Ritchhart

I’m at church following along in the Bible app on my iPhone as Jim Lyon reads from God’s Word. I’m at the store shopping for groceries using the Notes app on my phone to find the plethora of items I need for the week. I’m with friends and the conversation turns to movies…“Who was it that played Abraham Lincoln in the movie Lincoln that was just released?” I get out my phone and open my IMDB (Internet Movie Database) app and say, “It was Daniel Day-Lewis!” I can even calculate the payments (including interest) on a loan for a home or a car, use my phone as a flashlight, pay bills, find the nearest Starbucks, or keep up with my favorite sports team all because I have the app. Truly there’s an app for that, whatever that is. Continue reading