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CHOG Convention 2014: Meet the Speakers!


Compiled by Carl Stagner

Did you know that Anne Graham Lotz is the daughter of world-famous evangelist Billy Graham? Probably. But did you know that this female preacher is considered by her father to be the best preacher in the family? You might know that Marty Grubbs is the son of longtime Church of God pastor and former CBH speaker David Grubbs. But did you know the senior pastor of Crossings Community Church has a degree in sacred music? Meet the speakers before you hear them! Continue reading

CHOG Convention 2014 Speaker to Address National Day of Prayer


By Carl Stagner

Each year in the United States of America, the first Thursday of May is designated as the National Day of Prayer. People come together from all walks of life, spanning the range of faith groups and denominations, to look away from themselves and turn to God. Early leaders in government and society confessed their dependence on the Lord for peace, safety, and security. This year, Church of God congregations across the country also unite with community leaders and other faith groups in prayer. Anne Graham Lotz, who is scheduled to speak at the Church of God Convention 2014, will address the National Day of Prayer gathering in Washington, DC. Continue reading