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Beauty from Ashes Amid Loss of Historic CHOG Building in India

Flames engulf the historic Qualapatty church building on November 17.

By Don and Caroline Armstrong

In the early morning hours of November 17 in Shillong, India, a fire broke out in the historic Qualapatty Church of God. After having stood so prominently for more than a century, this beautiful, 117-year-old building became engulfed in the flames as a firetruck that was too big for the narrow road blocked the way for the smaller firetruck behind it. Continue reading

Nepal Earthquake Update


The isolation of Nepal and the sheer amount of destruction caused by the earthquake continue to make relief efforts a challenge in the tiny mountain kingdom. Nevertheless, Church of God organizations are on the ground.

From Germany, Kinderhilfswerk, a nongovernmental organization affiliated with the Church of God in Germany, is working through a local partner in Nepal, Bal Sewa, to assess the needs. From Shillong, Meghalaya, in India, the Church of God in Meghalaya is sending three leaders to assess the needs of the Church of God in Nepal, particularly in the remote villages. Among that group is Amos Moore, who helped pioneer the Church of God work in Nepal; Amos is focusing on Kathmandu, meeting with workers and pastors from congregations in central Nepal. The other two leaders are focusing their attention on eastern Nepal and assessing the effects of the earthquake in that sector. Continue reading