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Stories Merge with Greatest Ever Told at Texas Church Plant

Merge Church team members ready to invite you to “Join the Merge!”

By Carl Stagner

Two thousand five hundred people move to the greater Houston area each week. Efrain Cirilo, pastor-turned-church-planter now living in the metro area with seven million neighbors, says you could plant a megachurch every week and not keep up with the growth. Broad and diverse, such an influx represents the widest variety of stories—Where did they come from? What brought them here? What has their experience been with church? With God? Stories of those far from God tug especially on the heart of Efrain Cirilo. Such stories are but a part of the reason Pastor Efrain and his wife Megan were willing to leave their thriving congregation—and their comfort zones—behind in Kilgore, Texas. With the official launch of Merge Church only a couple months away, they’re rejoicing as stories, disconnected from Christ, begin to intersect with his. Continue reading

House Church Reaches Out to Atheists, Agnostics in California


By Carl Stagner

What do you get when you take away the church building, the multipurpose gymnasium, the praise band, the flashing lights, and the giant projection screens? If you gather to worship, teach, and witness to unbelievers, you still have a church. For the atheists, agnostics, spiritualists, and deists who connect regularly with the Church of God in Tracy, California, you’re left with just the kind of church they need. AtHome Church has scrapped the “if-you-build-it-they-will-come” notion for one that’s devoted instead to building authentic, long-lasting relationships with those farthest from the faith. Continue reading