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CHOG Convention 2014 Host Church: From Humble Beginnings to Global Impact


By Carl Stagner

For the first time in more than a century, the Church of God Convention and General Assembly will take place outside of Anderson, Indiana. For more than a hundred years, Church of God people from across the country and around the world grew quite familiar with the venues of the Anderson University campus, the Church of God Ministry center, Park Place Church of God, and the spread of dining options along the main drag. Church of God people from all over the world know the stories of the Gospel Trumpet Company, how a Bible training school grew into a university, and the impact of pillars of the faith, people such as Reardon and Oldham. But do you know the story of the church that will host the Church of God Convention this year? Continue reading

Speaker Revealed for CHOG Convention 2014

DaveStone_ 2012_FORWEB

What do 21,000 Christ-followers at Southeast Christian Church already know? They know that Dave Stone is one of the most gifted evangelists of our time! Join us in Oklahoma City, June 2014, and see for yourself!

Who is Dave Stone? He is the senior pastor of Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky and author of a book series called Faithful Families. He will inspire us with his passion for family, for building relationships that matter, and for sharing the hope of salvation in Christ.  Read more about Dave at

Church of God Convention: Oklahoma City 2014


Church of God Ministries announces that Oklahoma City will be the location of the Church of God Convention and General Assembly in 2014. In accordance with a 2012 General Assembly vote, an offsite location will offer a satellite for those who cannot travel to the primary site. In 2014, Anderson, Indiana, will serve as the satellite location of the Church of God Convention. Continue reading

AU Holds Camp Meeting for Students

AU_Campmeeting_for_ Students_FORWEB

By Carl Stagner

On a crisp Thursday evening in April, camp meeting returned to the grounds where Warner Auditorium once stood. It wasn’t the North American Convention of the Church of God, but there were students from all over the country. The marquees along State Route 9 in Anderson didn’t say, “Welcome, Church of God,” but Church of God congregations from far beyond Anderson were represented. The calendar did not display holidays such as Flag Day and Father’s Day, but there were tents and vendors. Anderson University had reenacted a Church of God camp meeting for students, and it was an experience that left participants with anticipation for the upcoming Global Gathering. Continue reading

On Prayer Patrol


By Carl Stagner

He arrives an hour and forty-five minutes before the service begins. Before even one other car has parked in the lot, he’s made his rounds, pausing at each pew. Each week, love for Christ and the church compel him to bathe the property in prayer. He’s not the pastor, and he has no degree in theology. He’s discovered that prayer is powerful, though he’s not been a Christian all that long. His name is Ed Ommert, and his story connects NAC, Christians Broadcasting Hope, and prayer walking. He is on prayer patrol at First Church of God of Middle River in Baltimore, Maryland. Continue reading

Refreshed and Recharged for Ministry: NAC 2012 Leaves Lasting Impact


By Carl Stagner

The 126th North American Convention of the Church of God has come and gone, but a spirit of refreshment and renewal is left in its wake. Thousands of believers representing Church of God congregations across North America and around the world came to together to focus on what it means to refresh our relationship with our Creator, Christ, our Comforter, our community, and the church. They worshiped, they prayed, they fellowshipped, they served the community, and they sought the Lord’s will for the future of the church. The empowerment, encouragement, and compelling force of the Holy Spirit were especially evident in the variety of worship services, conferences, and connecting experiences. Continue reading

The Power of One: NAC Wednesday Night Service Preview

By Allison Suer

Who is your giant? All of us who have a faith in Christ have come to that faith with the help of someone. Perhaps it’s someone who saw a potential in you that you couldn’t see for yourself. Maybe you weren’t even looking, but someone saw what you didn’t see. Maybe you were walking the dangerous road of being a newly shaped believer, the way was strewn with obstacles much too large to overcome. Perhaps fear and uncertainty clouded your judgment and made the path impossible to follow. How can you follow God when you can’t even see the path right in front of you? Continue reading

Calling the Church to Connect

By Randy Montgomery

The dictionary defines the word connect as “to join, link, or fasten together; unite or bind.” As I read those words, I thought how much that sounds like the church. “We reach our hands in fellowship to every blood-washed one” is one way that we have historically expressed this strategic value. We are connected as part of the body of Christ to each other and to God. As one of the Five Strategic Values of the Church of God, connect, for us, is defined as “renewing our relational connectivity and identity with God and with others.” Continue reading

Broadening Your Witness: Remembering the Deaf in Ministry

By Daniel Wohlberg

Have you ever imagined what a church service would be like for a Deaf individual? Think of all the elements that go into worship: audible music, prayer with heads bowed and eyes closed, a spoken message. Continue reading

First, Be Worshipers

By Leslie Parker Barnes

Join us on Wednesday, June 27, from 1:00 to 2:30, for “From a Worshiper’s Heart.” Using Bob Kauflin’s book Worship Matters as a guide, we will discuss the importance of taking care of our hearts. Continue reading

Dealing Redemptively with Conflict in the Church

By John Aukerman

Seven convention goers attended a Monday conference led by Dr. John Aukerman, professor of Christian education at Anderson University School of Theology, “Dealing Redemptively with Conflict in the Church.” Continue reading

Sojourning Strangers

By Shannon New Spangler

This is the third year for the “Hot Topics” conferences at NAC, but it’s the first year for branching out to two conferences on separate issues. Each year during these panel discussions we address important but potentially divisive topics in the church. Continue reading

New Life Together: New Publishing Project Launched to Enhance Discipleship

Church of God Ministries, Inc. (CGM), has launched a new effort to promote effective discipleship within the movement. Called “New Life Together,” the effort focuses on discipling new Christians through their relationships with more mature believers. Joe Allison, CGM coordinator of publishing, introduced “New Life Together” in a report to this week’s General Assembly. Continue reading

RPO Orientation at NAC 2012

By Vernon Maddox

Individuals who have answered the call to state ministry over the last year were part of an orientation yesterday morning for regional pastors and overseers (RPO). This annual event hosted by Church of God Ministries gives these leaders an opportunity to gain tools and make connections that help jumpstart their state/regional ministries. Continue reading

Youth Head for Denver


By Carl Stagner

Final preparations are being made for the 48th International Youth Convention of the Church of God, which returns to the Mile-High City next week. Following on the heels of the refreshing North American Convention, IYC2012 is designed for life change. Every time IYC convenes, students, youth leaders, volunteers, and even convention center staff and vendors experience some kind of life change. Students receive Christ, rededicate their lives to the Lord, receive calls to ministry, find freedom from sin, and grow in their faith. The energy and enthusiasm of the students and leaders before, during, and after this one-of-a-kind event is nothing short of contagious. Continue reading