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A Place of Prayer and Comfort at the Global Expo

By Debbie Taylor

The Prayer Garden of the Global Expo was a place where God was experienced through prayer and meditation, with the opportunity to receive the body and blood of Jesus through the elements of Communion. There were many God-moments in that sacred space during the week. One amazing moment happened at the giant map of the world. The prayer cards of all of our missionaries had been placed on the map near the countries where they are serving. Continue reading

Plovdiv Gathering Brings Together the Body


By Kathy Simpson

Seventy-seven people might not seem like much of a crowd, but it was a grand turnout for the Bulgarian Church of God. Folks came from eight of the nine congregations for our local Global Gathering in Plovdiv on June 22, 2013. Travel is much more difficult in Bulgaria than in North America. A journey of one hundred kilometers (sixty-two miles) can require two or more hours. The price of gasoline, over $8.00 per gallon, is a huge problem for these impoverished people. But they came from Gabrovo, Ivailo, Pazardjik, Sofia, and other towns to attend the largest unity event in anyone’s memory. Continue reading

Heaven Came Down and Healing Filled Our Souls


By Carl Stagner

Five years of excruciating pain. It all started with an accident that left Paul Poorman with infinitesimal shards of glass littered throughout his leg. The seemingly endless trips to the surgeon, countless consultations, and inconclusive diagnoses did little to ease the pain or the frustration Poorman and his wife were facing. Perhaps no one but God knew what a difference the Global Gathering would make in their lives. Continue reading

My Global Gathering Story: Pivotal Moments and Providential Connections


By Duane Parker

My Global Gathering story stretches back almost a year to an important meeting at Wesley Biblical Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi. I had made an appointment to visit the seminary to inquire about a rental for our state General Assembly meeting in February 2013. Ken Money took me on a tour of the building and discussed our needs and those of the other regular users of the building and grounds. As I described our organization, he interjected that his assistant was an ordained Church of God Minister from Mexico. He introduced me to a quiet young Hispanic man who did in fact confirm that he was Juan Gonzalez, from Saltillo, Mexico. During that meeting he told me how he had met his wife, the daughter of the vice president of the seminary, married, and moved to Mississippi to complete his master of theology. He was working for the seminary and taking classes at the same time. Continue reading

CBH and the Global Gathering


By Gilbert Davila

Standing together at the Global Gathering in Anderson, Indiana, with fellow CBH team members was a precious and valuable experience. We heard portions of each radio program and testimonies from the speakers about what it is like working in each culture. And sometimes it sounded very different, from Christians being persecuted all over the world to small miracles happening every day. God is at work, and that is evident. Continue reading

Fruit Bats, KIST, and the Church of God

July 23, 2013

Fruit Bats.jpg

By Ruben Schwieger

While I was away in Anderson, Indiana, at the Global Gathering in June, swarms of fruit bats filled the trees on campus back at KIST. As I returned, they were still here chattering and hanging in clumps. These big creatures have a wingspan of up to two feet. They have furry faces and big ears. I suspect that with their design, they must be able to hear the mangoes ripening. Continue reading

Global Gathering Guests Experience the World at Global Expo


By Bryan Hughes

More than a week has passed since the Global Expo was moved out of the O.C. Lewis Gymnasium on the Anderson University campus. The lumber that was once the backdrop for Africa, Asia-Pacific, Caribbean, Europe-Middle East, Latin America, and North America now resides with Habitat for Humanity and is awaiting use for construction in partner homes. After months of meeting and planning, the event is complete. The staff of Global Missions now gets to pause for a moment and reflect on how God was present. Continue reading

Thank You, Global Gathering Volunteers!


By Becky Fauntleroy

Since the first Church of God camp meetings, with the raising of tents, preparing meals, donating food, preaching, singing, and teaching, volunteerism has been exemplified. Decades of memories accumulate and traditions continue as people today step up to volunteer in widened and changing needs of programs, logistics, and technology. The central focus remains—ministering to people. Continue reading

Hispanic Council Active During Global Gathering


By Jorge Palacios

The Hispanic Council of the Church of God (Concilio Hispano) planned our activities for the Global Gathering for more than a year. Pastors, leaders, and church members traveled from different regions to be at this event. The national program committee, in coordination with Church of God Ministries, the Hispanic congregation in Anderson, Indiana (Pastor Heriberto Mejia), in Cincinnati, Ohio (Pastor Ercides Estrada), in Columbus, Ohio (Pastor Jose Gomez), and other pastors and leaders from this Concilio region, worked together to help promote this unity event. Continue reading

Global Forum of the Church of God Sets Future Priorities


By Barry L. Callen

Leaders of the Church of God have gathered, grappled with big issues, and spoken with one voice about the future. It happened on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (June 20–22, 2013) leading up to the Global Gathering. Sixty-three countries were represented by delegates, with 170 observers gathered at this Global Forum. Participants prayed, learned, and planned together. They invested hours in a prayer summit, moving upward to God, inward for transformation, and outward toward ministry vision. The Forum’s focus was biblical reconciliation, a theme developed in part with the wisdom of Dr. Curtiss DeYoung. Continue reading

Global Gathering Revitalizes Heart, Refreshes Mission of the Church of God


By Carl Stagner

From the opening to close, the Global Gathering of the Church of God was a tremendous experience of unity and inspiration. Brothers and sisters in Christ from Argentina to Singapore, from Guyana to Thailand, and from France to Zambia, stood together for the cause of Christ to worship, fellowship, and practically address the most pressing needs of a changing world. Representing more than sixty countries and territories in which the Church of God has a presence, these named delegates, as well as thousands of additional guests from here and abroad, assembled in one place to express a common Lord, life, and love. Continue reading

Global Gathering Finale: Strengthening Our Bond of Unity


By Charlie Holcomb

Renewed hearts were filled with eager anticipation Tuesday evening in a spectacular demonstration of faith as the more than three thousand attendees took part in the final worship and anointing service of the 2013 Global Gathering. Continue reading

Global Gathering Tackles Global Hunger, Clean Water Issues


By Nabil Safi

What better time and place than the Global Gathering of the Church of God to address global hunger and clean water issues. On Monday afternoon, at the Kardatzke Wellness Center, Ray Sanders, CEO of Water4 Foundation (, and John Steffens, of the University of Oklahoma, co-led a session that brought a new perspective to providing clean water and food. Continue reading

Tell Your Story! Neville Tan Shares Experiences of Global Evangelism, Discipleship


By Donna Thomas

Imagine a gathering of the Church of God from around the world. Imagine sitting before Neville, Tan, a special man of God from Singapore. Imagine the joy of hearing his story of once a prisoner in solitary confinement. He uses his experience as to how the Lord came to him, brought him to God, and chose him to change the prison filled with sworn enemies into a chapel of faith and reconciliation. Continue reading

Spread the Word Hosts Interactive Experience at Global Gathering


By Tami Byrd

At the Spread the Word connector on the afternoon of Tuesday, June 25, participants were given the opportunity to see how God is at work around the world through this primarily student-funded organization. Since Spread the Word was launched at IYC 2002, Church of God students have been making an eternal investment by sending tools for evangelism across the globe. More than $650,000 has been given, with equipment now in use in thirty-four countries. Continue reading