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Florida Congregation Offers Hope, Healing Following Parkland Tragedy

By Carl Stagner The night before the devastating tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Pastor Kimberly and her daughter Anna each had the same disturbing dream. At some point during the night, they both imagined being in the middle … Continue reading

Trafficking Victims Find Hope, Healing at Reclaim 2017 Host-City Haven

By Carl Stagner In February 2015, we first shared the story of how Hope Ranch for Women in Wichita, Kansas, came to be. A little over two years later, their story of reclaiming what hell has stolen from the lives … Continue reading

Healing, Salvation Follow Intense Week of Prayer at California Church

By Carl Stagner Have you ever launched a new Bible study, started an outreach project, or tried something totally new, only to see its initial success fall flat? Was there a time when you realized that all the strategic planning … Continue reading

Hospital Expansion to Promote Physical, Spiritual Healing in Haiti

By Carl Stagner For more than half a century, the Church of God has enjoyed an incredible history in Haiti. From church planting to the establishment of schools, God continues to be on the move in the Caribbean nation, which … Continue reading

California Pastor Grateful for Life, Healing After Assault

By Carl Stagner “I pray that as soon as he’s back to his senses, he would understand that what he did was not just because of him. I pray that God would visit him with someone who is able to … Continue reading

Healings Wow Doctors, Reflect Florida Church’s Spiritual Health

By Carl Stagner One of the children’s workers at Village View Community Church in Summerfield, Florida, received the devastating news that a serious heart condition would require her to undergo heart valve replacement surgery. Her breathing was difficult, and her … Continue reading

Pennsylvania Church Celebrates Healing, Kingdom Partnership

By Timothy Coppess God has been at work at University Park Church of God in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. As God has moved, he gave a theme for each of the last three years, but the special focus of each year has … Continue reading

CHOG Congregations Offer Hope, Healing for Baltimore

By Carl Stagner It’s been all over the news. You’ve no doubt seen the coverage of the protests and the riots that rocked Baltimore, Maryland, for several weeks. On April 19, 2015, twenty-five-year-old Freddie Gray died following injuries sustained while … Continue reading

Dentist Delivers Hope, Healing to ISIS-Ravaged Iraq

By Carl Stagner Some would say only a fool runs into a burning building. But any good parent would brave the blaze to save a son or daughter in danger. In many Middle Eastern countries today, children of the heavenly … Continue reading

Standing Victorious: Missionary Chronicles Cancer Struggle, Healing

By Carl Stagner “You have cancer”—three words no one ever wants to hear from a doctor. In February 2014, a blank stare spread across Colleen Stevenson’s face as a doctor in Uganda uttered these same three words. Once the initial … Continue reading

Heaven Came Down and Healing Filled Our Souls

By Carl Stagner Five years of excruciating pain. It all started with an accident that left Paul Poorman with infinitesimal shards of glass littered throughout his leg. The seemingly endless trips to the surgeon, countless consultations, and inconclusive diagnoses did … Continue reading

Fairfax First Day a Joyful Celebration of Life

By Carl Stagner Earlier this year, an addition to the Fairfax Community Church facility was completed. The new wing, solely devoted to youth and children’s ministry, nearly doubled the size of the building. Gathering for worship and teaching sessions inside … Continue reading

From the Archives: God is an Equal Opportunity Employer

By Lillie S. McCutcheon God, our great Creator, designed creation with a purpose. The Scriptures proclaim, “Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honor and power: for thou has created all things, and for thy pleasure they are … Continue reading

Grant Gives Movement Opportunity to Participate in Worship Arts Symposium

By Carl Stagner Want to attend a preaching clinic, church health seminar, or theological dialogue in the Church of God today? You’ll find plenty of options throughout the year. Want to be a part of an experience designed for worship … Continue reading

Florida Pastor Offers Fathers, Husbands Tools for Life

By Carl Stagner Meet Joshua Zarzana. The young pastor from the Northwest has recently moved to the Southeast, accepting the lead pastor role at Spirit Lake Community Church of God in Winter Haven, Florida. But just because his ministry setting … Continue reading