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Pornography, Trafficking, and the Church

By Levi Scott The sexual culture of our world today is one that harms the lives of everyone made in the image of God. The link between pornography and sex trafficking should serve as a warning to all of us. … Continue reading

A Call to Purity for 2017 and Beyond

By Levi Scott Angela Lu, writer of the World news article “Connecting the dots between sex trafficking and pornography,” quoted that 87 percent of male and 31 percent of female college students watch pornography. Even more men and women outside … Continue reading

Exposing the Link Between Pornography and Sex Trafficking

By Levi Scott Although there is no longer legally sanctioned slavery in the United States, it persists among us, under the radar. According to a 2015 CNN report, “Sex-Trafficking: The New American Slavery,” the sex trafficking industry in Atlanta, Georgia, … Continue reading

Deadline Approaches as Students, Leaders Prepare for IYC2016

By Sam Rainey, Levi Scott, and Carl Stagner San Antonio, Texas. July 2016. Thousands of high school and middle school students have taken to the streets, sidewalks, and hallways in silent prayer. From across the United States and around the … Continue reading

The 50th International Youth Convention: History to Repeat Itself

By Levi Scott On June 20, 1924, what we now call the International Youth Convention of the Church of God was just beginning to take shape. For the first time in the history of the Church of God, there was … Continue reading