Final of Five 2018 Regionals Begins in Florida

Worship service at Bayside Church.

By Carl Stagner

Four Regional Conventions down, one to go! The fifth-and-final 2018 Regional Convention of the Church of God begins today at Bayside Community Church in Safety Harbor, Florida. On the heels of the Fairfax Regional last week, the Regional Convention in the Sunshine State will also feature some of the finest voices inside and outside the Movement: Jo Anne Lyon, Kevin Earley, Brad Lomenick, Ben Hardman, Terry Rolen, and Jim Lyon. Of course, the fellowship and fun is certain to follow, as festivities throughout the two-day experience focus on Jesus and the life he so richly offers his followers.

Not only will convention-goers get a taste of what others in the Church of God have already experienced this year in Phoenix, Oklahoma City, Columbus, and Fairfax, but Safety Harbor Regional attendees will also be blessed by the practical teaching of regional guest speaker Brad Lomenick and host pastor Terry Rolen. Electives offered by Rolen’s congregation include “Leading Small Matters,” “Ignite,” “Looking for God in All the Wrong Places,” “Ministry to the Military,” and “How Does a Successor Succeed?” Bayside is eager to speak from experience on each of these topics and more. As with the other host churches of the Regional Conventions 2018, the Movement has been treated to insights only available because of the variety of locations.

Pastor Terry Rolen is excited that a portion of the Church of God has gathered at the church where he serves week after week. “I pray that, first of all, the church at-large feels at home and has a wonderful experience while at Bayside,” he explains. “Along with that, I pray that folks are refreshed, encouraged and challenged through our time in worship and fellowship together.”

Various activities, receptions, sessions, and get-togethers are slated for the next two days in Safety Harbor, Florida. Follow along, and post your pictures, videos, and comments, using [hashtag] #LifeSafetyHarbor on social media. Learn more about the Regional Conventions at

BREAKING NEWS: The Safety Harbor Regional Convention evening services (7:00 PM EDT, Tuesday and Wednesday (September 25–26) will be streamed live on the church’s Facebook page at


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