Church of God Gathers for Regional Convention in Columbus, Ohio

By Carl Stagner

With outside temperatures high and the A/C cranked high in the sanctuary at First Church of God in Columbus, Ohio, this year’s third Church of God Regional Convention is up and running. Anticipation has also been high for this gathering, in particular, as it takes place in the Midwest (only a few hours from Anderson), and during the traditional “Camp Meeting” week. But the location and time of year aside, a quick glance at the schedule for those gathered for #LifeColumbus indicates two days of life-giving, life-transforming experiences ahead.

Not only will convention-goers get a taste of what others in the Church of God have already experienced this year, but Columbus Convention attendees will also be blessed by the dynamic preaching of regional guest speaker Harvey Carey and host pastor Timothy Clarke. Electives offered by Bishop Clarke’s congregation include “Impacting Your Community,” “Leading from the Second Chair,” “Building a Multigenerational Church,” and “Developing Partnerships with Churches/Community.” As one of the leading churches in size and impact in the Church of God movement, First Church of God is eager to speak from experience on each of these topics and more. As with the other host churches of the Regional Conventions 2018, the Movement has been treated to insights only available because of the variety of locations.

The ONE Event will bring Church of God teenagers together from a variety of backgrounds under the banner of Jesus Christ. With representation from IYC, NIYC, and the Hispanic Council (Concilio Hispano), the ONE Event has already demonstrated the desire of the younger generation to set aside external differences and truly make Jesus the subject. The ONE Event begins at 7:00 on Wednesday evening and continues through Thursday afternoon, complete with multicultural worship and community service.

From the Good Life Room at First Church, to the sanctuary, to the street, First Church of God—also known as “The City of Refuge”—has long been a wellspring of life. This week, others have gathered there to drink from the Living Water, receiving, hearing, and embracing the abundant life only available in Jesus Christ. So, whether you’re in Columbus, Ohio, or Columbus, New Mexico, this week—follow along with Regional Convention events on social media, using #LifeColumbus!

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