Complimentary Philadelphia Registration Opportunity for Pastors


By Carl Stagner

This is too good to pass up! If you’re a credentialed pastor in the Church of God, you and your spouse now have the opportunity to take advantage of complimentary registration for the Church of God Regional Convention and CHOG Table in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, September 27–29. Yes, there is a catch. But this one you’ll appreciate! Sign up for the inaugural training seminar of CARE—Clergy Advocacy and Resource Effort—of the Church of God, and you’ll not only be granted free admission to Reclaim 2016 in Philadelphia, but you’ll also receive a modest voucher to assist in convention travel expenses. Far from a timeshare sales pitch, this event will train Church of God pastors and congregational board members with insights, best practices, and resources to understand, plan for, and manage pastoral compensation and financial matters. CARE is the new initiative funded by a Lilly grant awarded to Church of God Ministries in 2015.

According to a 2015 national survey of Church of God pastors and board leaders, financial concerns were among the primary reasons young pastors were more likely to leave the ministry. Especially within the first ten years of ministry, pastoral compensation and financial management added significant strain to pastors. Under the umbrella of the advancement and domestic teams of Church of God Ministries, CARE is the movement’s response to this crisis.

Pastors and churches don’t get there intentionally. Often it’s miscommunication and lack of practical information that lead both pastors and boards to contribute to an unhealthy financial situation for the pastor. Church of God Ministries has stepped up to address the problem, and CARE is offering solutions. These six hours leading up to the kickoff of the Regional Convention in Philadelphia might be more than informative for you—they could be the first steps to foundational change. Additionally, attendees will have the opportunity to schedule follow-up conversations and counsel with the goal of improving the financial health and stability of pastors. Through the CARE initiative, Church of God Ministries seeks to free pastors, especially young pastors, from unnecessary financial strain, thereby enabling them to better accomplish what God has called them to do.

The seminar lasts from 9:00 until 3:00 during the day on Tuesday, September 27, so plan to arrive to the Regional Convention early—you may even win a prize! Look forward to engaging TED talk-style presentations and opportunities for one-on-one dialogue to stimulate your thinking. Experts from Servant Solutions will be on hand to share and encourage, as well. Then, when the event is over, you’ll enjoy your complimentary registration for the Regional Convention and CHOG Table.

It’s a big win for pastoral wellness, and it’s a big win for the Church of God. So sign up today for the CARE training event at New Covenant Church on Tuesday, September 27. Contact Cheryl Elff at or 800-848-2464 to receive your free registration code.

Read the article we published earlier this year about CARE at For more information about the Church of God Regional Convention, visit


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