Not Your Daddy’s Warner Press

By Carl Stagner

Times change. So has Warner Press. The Church of God publishing house is no longer referred to as the Gospel Trumpet Company, and Daniel Sidney Warner is no longer at the helm. But Warner Press remains committed to equipping the church for maximum effectiveness, and that will never change. Technological advancements and cultural shifts have updated what the organization produces, but churches simply aren’t asking for what Warner Press once produced. They need meaningful content in a variety of formats. They need tools to aid them in reaching students, including multimedia curriculum and easy-to-digest study guides. They need administrative supplies and books written with today’s disciples in mind. Since 1881, they’ve been a trusted ministry partner to the movement. Recent developments at Warner Press are only adding to an impressive list of reasons the influence of your Church of God publishing house reaches thousands of churches—and millions of people—around the world.

Did you know that Warner Press sells and distributes more than six million bulletins every year? Or that five thousand churches of multiple denominations use their weekly worship bulletin service? Perhaps you know that Warner Press has sold more than six million copies of Egermeier’s Bible Story Book. But did you know that it has been translated into more than ten languages? It’s possible that you or your children have read The Princess and the Kiss or The Squire and the Scroll, each one presenting a message of purity. But did you know that such a positive message is disseminating widely, as more than a half million copies have been sold since the turn of this century? The Church of God publishing house continues to make a profound difference, not only in the movement, but in all of Christendom.

Warner Press isn’t satisfied with these statistics, however. There’s far more work to be done in the kingdom, and though the organization acknowledges they’re not on the front lines of ministry, they strongly desire to resource the front lines. That’s why they’re so excited to reveal several new, cutting-edge tools to equip and empower Christian leaders.

Bridges has long been the standard curriculum for the adult Sunday school class across the Church of God. And if you love Bridges, don’t worry! Classes that use the traditional Bridges will not be interrupted. But many believers, especially young adults, are looking for group discussion guides that take a more interactive, holistic approach to studying God’s Word. Life Mosaic is Warner Press’s answer. It covers the entire Bible in in a year, demonstrating how the stories weave together into a mosaic of God’s redemptive theme. A departure from your typical Sunday school lecture, these lessons simple-yet-substantive, fresh-yet-timeless, and teachers and students get to use the same book! Every page is in full color, and each page strategically targets the twenty-first century disciple.

Offering a jolt to your children’s ministry, Warner Press is excited about their Speed Sketch Curriculum, also available this fall. Have you heard of Speed Sketch? Watch this sample on YouTube. Wesleyan Publishing House will produce the speed sketch videos, while Warner Press develops the curriculum. Because Warner Press is very concerned about biblical literacy, they’ve pulled out all the stops to make Bible stories approachable and interactive for children. It’s not just about memorizing scriptures for Warner Press. They want to see children understand how the pieces fit together and how Jesus is the subject. With Speed Sketch curriculum, God writes the story, which points to Jesus, offering us the chance to be a part of his story and share it with others. Stay tuned to for your chance to order Life Mosaic and Speed Sketch Curriculum. WarnerPress_logo_2016_FORWEB

By the way, did you know that when Warner Press is profitable, they tithe back to the Church of God? Besides the theological trust you have in the Church of God publishing house, it’s just another reason to get your Christian resources directly from Warner Press. And did you know that Warner Press owns the copyright for the iconic Warner Sallman images of Christ? Anderson University houses the originals on display, but Warner Press handles requests for use of the image from around the world. Including Hollywood. In fact, Warner Press recently received a request to use the image in a set design for the filming of a new movie.

Warner Press is also excited about the opportunities the agency relocation to the new Church of God Ministries location at Interstate 69’s Exit 222 presents. Regarding Servant Solutions, Christian Women Connection, Church of God Ministries, and Warner Press being in the same space, Warner Press president Eric King reflects, “We’re so intertwined with our ministries, and we want to make sure that we continue to be intertwined with those ministries. It’s really about community and collaboration to accomplish what we need to achieve for the church.”

Whether it’s the new coloring books for adults, traditional boxed cards, certificates, curriculum, bulletins, books, and much more, Warner Press continues to equip the church with creative products and solutions to advance the kingdom and give hope to future generations. Be sure to watch for more Church of God books coming down the pike, including an exciting new release from Timothy J. Clarke of First Church of God in Columbus, Ohio, to be released in conjunction with the centennial celebration of the National Association’s Camp Meeting at West Middlesex, Pennsylvania this August.

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