Church of God Response to SCOTUS Same-Sex Marriage Ruling Forthcoming


Church of God ministers and laypeople from across the country and around the world are easing down from the life-transforming, mountain-top experience divinely granted to us at Church of God Convention 2015. Please pray for safe travel, as many are still in the air or on the road—including Church of God Ministries staff. Traveling back from the convention, we’ve not only returned to our families and friends, but this year we’ve also returned home to breaking news from the Supreme Court of the United States.

Church of God Ministries leadership and staff are aware of the headlines and are reviewing the content of the Supreme Court’s decision. In recognition of the General Assembly’s role in formally speaking on behalf of the movement, Church of God Ministries stands ready to serve at the pleasure of our pastors, local churches, and parachurch organizations faithfully, and as promptly as possible. As the General Assembly has spoken more than once regarding the issue at hand, Church of God Ministries is preparing a more comprehensive and resourceful response following a day of rest and worship. Will you join us this weekend as together we prayerfully seek the Lord, acknowledging Jesus as the subject, and allowing the Holy Spirit to guide our every word with grace, lovingkindness, and holy boldness?

Thank you.

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