Announcing Timothy and Angelita Downing: Missionaries to Ecuador


Photo: The Downing Family

NAME: Timothy and Angelita Downing

COUNTRY: Ecuador

ASSIGNMENT: Teaching in the Church of God seminary and assisting with Children of Promise and other programs meeting social needs

DATE OF APPOINTMENT: February 27, 2014

STATUS: Career Missionaries



INTRODUCTION: Timothy was raised in the Breiel Boulevard Church of God in Middletown, Ohio. A passion for missions was planted in his heart by his parents Darlene and Cordell and his grandmother Ruth. He received his call to ministry on a short-term mission trip to Panama. To prepare for this calling, he attended Mid-America Christian University.

Angelita was born in Wisconsin to Manuel and Tomasa Garcia. She worshiped and served in her local congregation from a young age. She transferred to Mid-America Christian University during her sophomore year of college, where she and Timothy met.

After getting married, the Downings served Christ in pastoral ministry in Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Ohio. They have four children: Timothy, 12; Esperanza, 8; Ezequiel, 2; and Elias, 1.

The Downing family prayer is: “Allow us to see Christ clearly so we may follow him closely.” It is that heart cry that that has led them to missionary service in Ecuador. Timothy, Angelita, and their children are committed to serve Christ in Ecuador by training leaders at S.E.T.E. (Church of God seminary) and assisting with the Children of Promise program.

PROJECT #: 42.10063

For more information about missionary support, contact Debbie Taylor or 800-848-2464 ext. 2129 (toll-free). Online giving will be available soon.

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