5 Principle Training Equips Leaders, Emerging Leaders

By Eric Reeder

The 5 Principle Training System was developed in conjunction with the SHAPE initiative of the Church Of God, using the five principles of Spirituality, Vision, Leadership, Knowledge/Culture, and Relational/Connectivity. We believe that these five principles are valued across cultures. In January 2008, the 5 Principle Training System was piloted with leaders in Africa. Our dream is for this system to be a tool that local, state/provincial, regional, and national leaders around the world can use to train future leaders.

Since 2008 the national Youth Ministry Team and Youth Network Team have taken the 5 Principle Training System to Africa, South America, Europe and Asia, along with translated versions of the training, ready to pass it off to leaders in these regions so that they can continue to train leaders in their regions. Each training event has proven to be very effective, encouraging, and empowering for the people who have experienced it. God is at work and is using this tool to help equip leaders and emerging leaders around the world.

The power of God at work through the 5 Principle Training System is incredible. The kingdom is being expanded. This past summer, we were amazed at how God used this tool to inspire and equip the students and leaders. One day, after we had done the training on leadership, two young leaders who were from the Church of God in Germany approached me. I had no idea they were attending the training. It was a God-at-work moment. They were so inspired by the 5 Principle Training System that they wanted to know how they could take it with them back to Germany! We got them copies and information so that they could themselves take the training to Germany and use the it to invest in leaders.

It is exciting to see God’s plan in action, expanding the kingdom and vision of the church and leadership around the world! The 5 Principle Training System is one tool that God is using to help raise up leaders who are better equipped to serve God and make a difference for God in their communities.

The 5 Principle Training System is available on our Church of God youth website www.chogy.org. This tool is a free download and resource that you can use to help train leaders in your church and ministry.

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